This is weird.

So, I was watching this dude on YouTube who claimed he can double my WiFi speed, the video was posted in 2011 -I think- yet YouTube just thought of suggesting it, lol. Anyways, so the autoplay started another video that suggested ways of making money online, since I am pretty young and I have no social life, I was like: yes, please.

So, the first few ways were pretty basic, like: Make a YouTube Channel. With this face? Yeah, sure; maybe YouTube would empathize and send me a “Some people aren’t meant to be beautiful, genetics, dude.” play button, wouldn’t really count on that though, kek.

The list went on, and they were all things that I can’t exactly “excel” at, but I was about to click off the video -I wasn’t really about to click off, just said that to make it sound cool- the weird, google translate-like voice said: Blogging.

So, I tried to remember where I heard this word before. I was like: “Blogging.. bloggi… RIGHT, BARNEY STINSON!”

If you don’t know who Barney Stinson is, well, you should. He’s a character in one of my favorite tv series: How I Met Your Mother.

So, he used to blog a lot, and it sounded fun when he talked about it, except.. I am no Barney Stinson.

The dude wrote books, lived in a very cool place, could probably write hundreds of blogs about his “one rule” But most importantly, he ACTUALLY went out. My point is, he had various stories to tell, and I’m just.. well.. lol.

So anyways, I thought “Hey, there are thousands of bloggers, right? It’s not like they all have a fun life.. there has to be a place for me..”

So, since I tend to search “Anything’s 101” before starting anything up, I went on and 101-ed blogging.

Turns out, I WAS WRONG. Everyone has a passion, hobby, profession or an interesting life overall to write about, while my only hobby is spending hours on memes and YouTube videos.. and maybe reading.

But then I thought of it, if any of you -that is, if anyone ever reads this- is familiar with “Hey Arnold!” then you should probably know about this episode –spoilers ahead– when they tried to break a world record, and they kept trying and trying, but also kept failing.. and failing.

Eventually, they got in the book of world records for “Breaking the record for the many attempts to try and break a world record.”

Now yes, it is a pathetic reason, but hey, they still got in. And since I am known for trying tons of new things then dropping them in no time, I thought maybe I can blog about me trying tons of new things then dropping them in no time. Or just my random thoughts tbh.

And maybe, if things somehow worked out, find an actual passion or interest -that is cool enough to make me get over my commitment issues- on my way.

And therefore, here I am.

If this was a YouTube channel I’d want you to subscribe now, but since it isn’t, send memes.

Here’s one from me:

Getting through senior year. Pt.1

Tomorrow is my last senior year’s final in high school, and I thought I can share some of how things went, what I did wrong and what I wish I didn’t do at all.

So, first of all, let’s start with the school system in my country: We do not have SATs or ACTs, we do not have to write essays in our applications, we do not need activities or honors to get into a good college, but most importantly, we don’t even have a GPA. We get into college based on our senior year finals’ results. That’s it.

Now some of you might think: Well, that’s really cool. But no, it isn’t. You have to study 7 subjects and get tested in them, and your whole life is decided based on that.

Some students are good at other things, and some students are good in some of those subjects and bad in others, but that won’t matter, all that matters is the score. 

I think I drifted off the subject a bit, lol.

Anyways, yes, my opinion might be biased because I didn’t do as good as I wanted to do, maybe if I had gotten a very high score I would’ve praised the system -not very probable, but maybe- But it’s a blog, so I guess that’s alright.

What really gets me thinking is, how people think of senior before and after getting into it, is almost never what they think of it while they’re in it. 

Before I got into it, I thought “It’s just a bunch of books, study them, get a good life. What’s so complicated?” Other people got nervous just by the thought of it, some people were like me, and some other people gave up before even starting, with an “I can’t do it.” sign written all over their faces.

To be quite honest, I still don’t know which one is the right one, and I’m still not sure if there’s a right one to start with, but I know that if I went back, I’d have the same thoughts.

So the lessons started, I had just finished 11th year and I was used to how I did things throughout the past few years, with that being: I didn’t frickin do them. Now yes, I did pass, I never failed, but I didn’t excel. My grades were the equivalent of B’s, some rare A’s and some more rare C’s.

As one of my bffs said: Senior finals aren’t relevant to how smart you are, they are about how much effort you put onto studying. Because really guys, they’re a bunch of books and we get asked questions that are literally answered inside the books. Not much thinking or creativity required, if at all.

So here it goes, my first mistake was: Low effort and procrastinating. That sticked with me throughout the whole year, till the very last day, till this day tbh, while tomorrow is my last final.

People always told me throughout my high school years that if I didn’t teach myself a pattern since then, I would struggle in senior. And I always smirked and thought to myself “pfft, what do they know anyways?”

As much as I hate to admit it, they did know. Changing your lifestyle suddenly can be really hard, even harder if you are not really trying to change it. 🙂

That attitude stayed as is, with me always saying: I’ll manage eventually. Delayed everything until last minute, as I always do. Procrastinated like no one ever did, and eventually, I didn’t manage; actually eventually it all added up. I had no idea where to start or what to do back then, and when I did, it was a tiny bit too late

My point is: If you are still in high school, and you know you have to study harder than you are studying right now later on, you’d be helping yourself if you start now. And if you are in senior year, or in the thing that requires effort regardless of what it is, then buddy, this won’t be exactly easy. But start now, even if you’re used to working less and still passing *coughs* you need to work more to excel.

And I know, everyone always says this, like literally everyone: To stop procrastinating, start. I always had a “No shit.” reaction when they said that, but you know what they never told us? They never told us how to start. That leads us to my second mistake, which I’ll talk about in the next post because I’m tired rn, lol.

Gee, this was long, thought I could sum everything up in one post but, oh, well. If you want me to go on with this, let me know guys. And as ever, send memes.

And here’s one from me: